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February 2024 : site supervision mission in Senegal

3rd intervention by Eric, AVe "project management" expert at Djilas Sénégal

For the 3rd time, Eric, an AVe expert specializing in building management, visited Djilas to check on the progress of the dispensary and maternity hospital construction site. The company is doing a good job, with work scheduled to take 10 months, but progressing more slowly than expected.

Congrgation Batiments 13 Mr DIATA et mre Marie Jos
the entrance to the current Djilas health center Progress of work on the new center

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November 2023 : Jean-Baptiste's mission to Algeria from November 27 to December 10, 2023

Proposing a marketing plan for a toy manufacturing SME in Algeria 

As part of an agreement with PUM (Netherlands Association for the Transfer of Voluntary Skills, like AVe), AVe expert Jean-Baptiste spent two weeks in Algeria. His objective was to propose a marketing plan to a toy manufacturing SME located in Ghardaïa, the country's last city before the immense Saharan desert just to the south.

Algerie 1

carte algrie Pierre en CI

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October 2023 : audit of a cocoa cooperative in Ivory Coast

Getting to know the cooperative in Ivory Cost before prospecting for it in Europe

 AVe expert Pierre spent ten days in Ivory Coast to get to know the cooperative for which he will be prospecting for partners. The mission program is presented below
CADESA : a dynamic cocoa, coffee, cashew and rubber cooperative in Ivory Coast.
Key figures for the cooperative : 
  • 2,500 farmer-members
  • over 10,000 hectares of plantations
  • 10,000 tonnes of cocoa production
  • 8,000 tonnes of cashew
  • 2,000 tonnes of coffee
  • 5,000 tonnes of rubber.
CADESA voted Ivory Coast's best exporting cooperative in 2021
Pierre en CI

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October 2022: "Project management assistance" mission in Senegal


Intervention of an AVe "project management" expert in Djilas Senegal 


At the end of October 2022, Eric, an AVe expert, went to the commune of Djilas, south of Dakar (Senegal), to a health center belonging to a religious congregation. This was Eric's second trip to Djilas. The objective of the mission was achieved: following meetings with different companies (construction, water connection, electrical connection...), a contract for the construction of a new health center and a new maternity ward was finalized and signed. For the religious congregation, this represents an important contract. The intervention of the expert allowed to specify the plans, the estimates, the different points of the specifications of the building constructions and thus to avoid several pitfalls during the construction. From now on, the works will start for a period of 10 months with a remote control of the expert and a visit on the spot if necessary.

Mr DIATA et mre Marie Jos

Eric, AVe expert, with Mother Marie José and the sisters of the religious congregation of Djilas

Mr DIATA, from the company ABY TECHNOLOGIE based in DAKAR, with Mother Marie José

October 2021 : agricultural mission near Bandundu in DRC

What agricultural project for the Ito agro-pastoral center (2,000 ha), located near Bandundu?

  Daniel et Stany   Tracteur remettre en tat   Tracteur__remettre_en_tat.jpg  
  Daniel, AVe expert and Stany, in charge of the agropastoral center waiting for the ferry on the Kwilu river at the exit of Bandundu   the staff of the agro-pastoral center in front of a water point for market gardening  
farm equipment and buildings exist, but they are in
in very poor condition

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October 2021: agricultural mission on the territory of Feshi in DRC

Relaunching the cattle industry recently affected by two bovine epidemics.

At the request of an NGO in the Feshi territory, AVe expert Daniel met with several groups of cattle breeders during the second week of his trip to the DRC. These breeders have just experienced a very difficult time in 2019, as they have all been affected by a loss of 98% of their livestock. This is a real disaster that has not been taken into account until now. The causes would be two very contagious diseases: symptomatic anthrax and pasteurellosis. The exchanges with the breeders' groups have revealed a good awareness at their level regarding the measures to be taken in the face of such diseases and the guarantees to be provided before repopulating. With the help of the FAO, vaccination programs have been set up on a large scale in the country at the initiative of the Ministry of Livestock, involving local veterinarians. Daniel's recommendation focused more on improving consultation between livestock farmers' groups (which have 1,200 members) in order to exert sufficient pressure on the country's authorities and on the FAO representation to support them in the phase following such a disaster. The means to be gathered to replace the lost animals are about 17 million dollars!

Daniel et Stany   Tracteur remettre en tat   Tracteur__remettre_en_tat.jpg  
 Daniel met with several groups of
of cattle breeders

recovery of the cattle industry recently affected by two bovine epidemics 

   the groups we met represent 1 200 breeders  


October 2021 : agricultural mission in Kekem - West Region - Cameroon

What agricultural project for a 170 ha coffee plantation not exploited for 20 years?

At the request of a Cameroonian family, heir to a 170 ha coffee plantation that has not been exploited for 20 years, Louis, AVe expert, accompanied by Fabrice, the family's representative, surveyed the plantation for several days to define a new agricultural project based on the existing one.

The field mission on the plantation was completed by meetings with local authorities: the mayor of Kekem, the prefect of Nkongsamba, the prefect of Bafang and with economic actors likely to be the future clients of the plantation: in Bafoussam, the director of SPC (Société des provenderies du Cameroun) and the director of ASL (Agro Sourcing Logistic) The mission ended in Yaoundé with a meeting with representatives of the Ministry of Public Works for work in progress on a bridge located on the property and the Ministry of Agriculture to learn about the steps to be taken to obtain financing for the new agricultural project.

This intense mission, thanks to the field diagnosis and to the numerous exchanges with Fabrice and the different interlocutors met, allowed us to choose the orientations of the new project for the plantation : Coffee will be replaced by cocoa and banana-plantain mainly and by some vegetables. A method of cultivation based on agroforestry and agroecology was proposed.

At the end of the mission, the expert writes a file presenting the diagnosis of the plantation, the new project and its business plan.


  Kekem   Kekem 2   Btiment Kekem  
Louis Jestin, AVe expert with
Fabrice Tchouaffé, the family representative

during the mission: many exchanges, here with the people working on the plantation

  the plantation has a surface of 170 ha and many buildings and drying areas (around 5 000 m²) used for drying and first transformation of coffee;
they will be used tomorrow for cocoa

September 2021 : project management assistance mission in Djilas - Senegal

1st AVe mission "project management assistance" for the construction of a dispensary and a maternity hospital in Djilas, a village located 150 km south of Dakar

Following the request of a religious congregation, Eric, an AVe expert specialized in building design, carried out a project management assistance mission for the renovation and construction of a dispensary and a maternity ward in their health center in Djilas. The size and condition of the current buildings no longer correspond to the rapidly increasing demand or to the standards of hygiene and cleanliness. The congregation of the sisters has been established since 1974 in the village of Djilas located about two and a half hours from Dakar.  

ERIC   Djilas   Environ dispensaire
Eric Dufour, AVe expert specialized in building design    the entrance of the current health center of Djilas   a little shade near the entrance of the health center of Djilas 

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