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2016 : visit of DIYUAN POWDER METALLURGY FURNACES Co company Ltd

  AVe convention with DMF chinese supplier of various sinteing industrial furnaces 

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 1954 – Soviet Big Brother of China decides to help Chinese Little Brother. It launches an industrial help program in 155 elements.

One of these elements is the “Tungsten Carbide” sector.

Zhuzhou city is chosen for this program. Since then, this city of Hunan province (South of the lake) lives and breathes in rhythm with this metal. It is originally a powder. Shaped and sintered, it becomes so hard that it turns into a compact and heavy metal. This is a key product for manufacturing cutting tools, forming tools. It is also a fragile metal.

Lu Guopo (LGP), who worked in one of these large companies involved in WC (Tungsten Carbide), decided one day to establish his own company and to manufacture ovens required for WC manufacturing process : from controlled atmosphere furnaces to sintering vacuum furnaces under 60 bars of Argon for the final sintering. He also developed a reycling furnace for defective or worn out parts.

This small plant  typically corresponds to Chinese standard : about fifty employees, the workshop looked organized only at the start; offices are laid out in semi-open space.

All types, DIYUAN manufactures approximately fifty furnaces per year.


AVExperts - Chine- Diyuan Powder Metallurgy Furnace


20% of sales are generated outside China. These are purchases made by foreign customers. In no way it reflects a willingness from DIYUAN to sell to foreign customers.

There is no commercial department.
The sales function is carried out by LuGoupo. He is the only one who can speak English. LGP’s aim is to sell his furnaces to Europe.

He just signed a convention with AVe for the three years to come.

ZHUZHOU is located in the Hunan province, 3 hours away by plane from BEIJING. This is a typical Chinese city with high-rise buildings and traffic jams. Local cuisine is very spicy.

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