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December 2023 : videoconference for an association of pig farmers in Burkina Faso




Theme of the visioconference : biosecurity on a pig farm in Africa


Bernard AVe expert led a videoconference for fifteen pig breeders from Burkina Faso. These farmers have ordered High Genetic Value gilts from AXIOM, the French leader in pig genetics. This is a high-risk operation in a country where ASF (African Swine Fever) is present everywhere. Hence the importance of taking the right measures at farm level. Bernard presented these measures in a slide show on the theme of biosecurity on a pig farm in Africa. Video appears to be an excellent way of transferring knowledge to developing countries.


Burkina Faso


November 2023 : marketing mission for an SME in Algeria


JB en Algrie

Jean-Baptiste AVe & PUM and
Ahmed CEO of the SME "Many Toys"

Proposing a marketing plan for a toy manufacturing SME in Algeria


As part of an agreement with PUM (Dutch association for the transfer of voluntary skills, like AVe), AVe expert Jean-Baptiste spent two weeks in Algeria.
The 1st step was the Gardaïa oasis, home to the toy manufacturing plant of the SME "Many Toys", which was requesting marketing support. Then, with the CEO of the SME, Jean-Baptiste visited several customers in different cities across the country: Algiers, Constantine, Oran... At the end of the mission, Jean-Baptiste presented the CEO with a marketing plan tailored to the company.

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carte algrie


October 2023 : audit of a cocoa cooperative in Ivory Coast


Pierre en CI

CADESA : an ambitious cooperative 
that has already climbed several levels


Getting to know the cocoa cooperative in Ivory Coast before prospecting for it in Europe


Following the agreement signed in March 2023 between CADESA and AVe, AVe expert Pierre spent a week in Ivory Coast to get to know the cooperative well, before prospecting for partners. The program was packed with visits to plantations, the cooperative's head office and warehouses in the Sassandra department, and participation in the SARA (Salon de l'Agriculture) in Abidjan.


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Cte dIvoire


September 2023 : AVe strategy seminar




How can we continue to transfer volunteer skills to developing and emerging countries in the current world storm?


At the last general meeting of AVe experts in Rennes, a segment chaired by Jacques Van Egten (President of CESES) was devoted to the future of our association. A number of challenges lie ahead: the post-COVID era, insecurity, diplomatic barriers, the hold of terrorist groups over ever-expanding areas, the need to take account of global warming, funding difficulties, ... all constraints to be taken into account. Despite all this, the demand for expertise is still there, and is even tending to increase !


Participants confrence SPACE

A studious seminar in a relaxed atmosphere


September 2023 : Co-hosting a conference on the development of pig production in Africa at SPACE (Salon International de L'Elevage à Rennes)




AXIOM and AVe co-host a conference on the development of pig production in Africa


AXIOM, the French leader in pig genetics, markets High Genetic Value pig breeding stock and boar semen (for insemination) in Africa. AVe has recognized experience in advising on pig production in Africa. Experts from both organizations led a conference on the development of pig production in Africa before an audience of some 50 people, the majority of whom were African pig breeders. On this occasion, the guide for pig farmers in Africa was presented.


Participants confrence SPACE

Some of the participants at the SPACE conference


July 2023 : AVe in collaboration with AXIOM publishes "Le guide de l'éleveur de porc en Afrique".


Couverture guide de lleveur de porc en Afrique


 A guide to pig breeding practices adapted to Africa


AXIOM and AVe have decided to write a guide for pig breeders in Africa, based on their many years of recognized experience in pig breeding in Africa. AXIOM, the French leader in pig genetics, markets high-grade male and female breeding pigs and boar semen to Africa. On the AVe side, several experts have worked in Africa to provide advice to African pig farmers since 2014 (breeding conduct, feeding, business plan, management ...).
This comprehensive 70-page guide is aimed primarily at small and medium-sized farms. It provides instructions for making the transition from traditional to professional farming practices, and for implementing maximum "biosecurity protection" for livestock farming on a continent where ASF (African swine fever) is present everywhere.
Guide price: 45 € in Europe - 30,000 Fcfa in Africa.
To order the guide: 00 33 688 503 723

Cote divoire


June 2023 : Framework agreement with the Dutch PUM association




Partnership objective: Meet demand for French-speaking experts


AVe's membership of CESES has enabled exchanges between the Dutch PUM association and AVe. The PUM association has been in existence for 40 years, operating in 34 countries and boasting a large number of experts with a wide range of skills. Requests for expertise from French-speaking African countries concern French-speaking experts, of whom there are few within the PUM association. As a result, many requests remain unfulfilled. In May 2023, exchanges between representatives of PUM and AVe led to a partnership agreement under which AVe will provide PUM with the required French-speaking experts.

PUM : SME development, business consulting, sustainable growth
 Link to the PUM website : ""

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April 2023 : AVE new member of CESES



AVe membership of CESES confirmed during the Annual General Meeting
CESES is an international not-for-profit association which brings together 17 associations from different European countries involved in the voluntary transfer of skills to developing countries. It brings together the skills of some 25,000 volunteer experts. Since September 2022, exchanges have been taking place between the President of CESES and the President of AVe. These led to AVe's application to join CESES. This application was approved at the CESES General Assembly held in Brussels on April 24, 2023. Maryse, AVe's secretary, took part in the meeting.

Link to the CESES website : "" 



Cte dIvoire


April 2023 : Support for two market gardening cooperatives for women in Benin



Market gardening in Benin


4th agreement signed with a Belgian association to support 2 women's cooperatives in Benin


Louis, AVe expert, continues to support two women's cooperatives in two villages in the Djougou region of Benin. The two cooperatives, each with around 30 members, practise irrigated agroecological market gardening (which enables production 12 months out of 12) on two kitchen gardens of 2 ha each, close to each other (distance 5 km).

The AVe expert's mission is double : technical advice on vegetable production and financial monitoring of the two cooperatives.



Cte dIvoire


March 2023 : Marketing mission for a cocoa cooperative in Ivory Coast




Agreement signed with CADESA, cocoa cooperative in Ivory Coast

CADESA is a dynamic cocoa cooperative in the Sassandra department of Ivory Coast. Created in 2003, the cooperative collects and markets cocoa beans from its 1,800 producers. In 20 years, it has achieved a number of milestones: an increase in the number of producers, a rise in tonnage, consideration of environmental and social aspects, recognition for export sales.....
In 2023, the cooperative hopes to reach a new milestone by finding a European chocolatier willing to enter into a partnership to set up a chocolate factory in San Pedro (the world's leading cocoa bean export port).

An agreement was signed entrusting AVe with a marketing mission to seek out this future partner. AVe expert Pierre took charge of this mission.



Cte dIvoire








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