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October 2022 : project management assistance mission in Djilas - Senegal

     1 Bagore 640Eric, AVe expert, with Mother Marie José and sisters of the religious congregation of Djilas       
 Intervention of an AVe "project management" expert in Djilas Senegal
At the end of October 2022, Eric, an AVe expert, went to the commune of Djilas, south of Dakar (Senegal), to a health center belonging to a religious congregation. This was Eric's second trip to Djilas. The objective of the mission was achieved: following meetings with different companies (construction, water connection, electrical connection...), the contract for the construction of a new dispensary and a new maternity ward was finalized and signed. 

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         SngalCarte Sngal     

May 2022 : Celebration of the 10th anniversary of AVe


Photo AVE Le Paysan Breton 31 05 2022

On May 31, 2022, AVe celebrated ten years of transferring volunteer expertise internationally

In 10 years, some thirty AVe experts have carried out 125 missions abroad. 15 of these experts met at the Cammpanile hotel in Rennes center station to celebrate the 10th anniversary of the association. The day was animated by Mr Nona Barazer of SODIMEDIA with the program :

  • Retrospective of AVe interventions abroad through photos commented by each expert
  • A look into the future based on testimonials from the three tPME agricoles d’Afrique
      1. Agricultural SMEs in Africa: intervention in video conference René FOCHE and Fabrice TCHOUAFFE, leaders of African SMEs 
      2.  French NGO of international cooperation: intervention of Mr Bruno Angsthlem (in person) representing the CCFD
      3. Industrial SMEs in China: intervention of experts working in China

      This day of sharing, full of emotion was greatly appreciated by all

      Click below to access the slideshow of AVe's 10th anniversary

        AVe 10 ans 

      February 2022 : support to two women's cooperatives in Benin

           Potager Passari One of the women's cooperatives (Nimane)



      Technical and economic support to two women's cooperatives involved in irrigated agro-ecological market gardening

      In February 2022, Louis AVe expert went to two villages near Djougou in Benin, a mission programmed in the framework of an agreement signed with a Belgian association, the ASBL Le Verso du Miroir. This association has set up two vegetable gardens of 2 ha in two villages 5 km apart. On each of them, a women's cooperative practices irrigated agroecological market gardening.

      For each garden, the expert wrote a roadmap based on the diagnosis of each site. Their situation is very different, as one (Passari) has been in place since 2016 while the other (Nimane) has just started.

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      January 2022: AVe experts meeting by videoconference


      AG 4 02 20


      January 11th 2022 : AVe's Annual General Meeting

      On January 11, 2022, our association held its annual general meeting by videoconference. Almost all members were present. The reports (activities and financial) of the past year and the coming year were presented and voted. For 2022, we decided to mark the 10th anniversary of our association and to continue our mission of transferring voluntary expertise to the international level, aiming at mobilizing each member expert.

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      October 2021 : agricultural missions in DRC



      Daniel, AVe expert and Stany, in charge of the agropastoral center waiting for the ferry on the Kwilu river at the exit of Bandundu



      Two different agricultural missions on two territories

      At the end of October 2021, Daniel, AVe expert, went to DRC for two weeks for two agricultural missions in two territories. The first took place near Bandundu, 400 km northeast of Kinshasa. The objective was to define an agricultural project for a 2,000 ha agropastoral center, the ITO center, which was very famous at one time, but has been under-exploited for several years. The second took place in the territory of Feshi, located 400 km southeast of Kinshasa and 370 km south of Bandundu. The problem to be addressed was the revival of a cattle industry that had just been decimated by two bovine epidemics, symptomatic anthrax and pasteurellosis.

       RDC Congo

      Carte RDC


      October 2021 : agricultural mission in Cameroon



      Louis Jestin, AVe expert with Fabrice Tchouaffé, the family representative

      What agricultural project for a 170 ha coffee plantation not exploited for 20 years?

      At the request of a Cameroonian family, heir to a 170 ha coffee plantation that has not been exploited for 20 years, Louis, an AVe expert, accompanied by Fabrice, the family's representative, surveyed the plantation for several days to define a new agricultural project. The plantation is located in Kekem, in the western region, an area where coffee growing is in decline.

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      Cate cameroun


      September 2021 : project management assistance mission in Senegal


      1 Bagore 640the entrance of the current health center of Djilas 


      Project management assistance for the construction of a dispensary and a maternity hospital in Senegal


      At the request of a religious congregation, Eric, an AVe expert specialized in building design, carried out an assistance mission for the construction of a dispensary and a maternity ward for the health center of Djilas, a village located 150 km south of Dakar

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      SngalCarte Sngal


      September 2021: AVe experts meeting by videoconference

        new social distancing business meeting  

      September 9th 2021 : AVe's Annual General Meeting

      On September 9th 2021, our association held its annual general meeting by videoconference. One observation : the Covid epidemic has strongly disrupted our activities since early 2020.  Nevertheless, at the end of 2021, a resumption of activities is underway : new requests for expertise can be satisfied by the resumption of international flights.

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      October 2020 : Field mission for 2 local NGOs in DRC





       Diagnostics and roadmaps for 2 local NGOs


      At the request of two local NGOs from the Province of Maniema in DRC (FOMAMA of Kalima - CAPS of Kindu), Louis, AVe expert, carried out a field mission in October 2020 (between the two confinements). 

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      RDC Congo

      Carte RDC


      September 2020 : AVe experts general meeting

        new social distancing business meeting  

       AVe experts general meeting in Rennes on septembre 8th 2020


       Respecting all the precautions imposed by the coronavirus, a meeting of AVe experts was held in Rennes on September 8, 2020. That said, we provide remote support to a few beneficiaries, we organize the next missions abroad that will materialize in 2021 or 2022.

      The context is not simple, but AVe is adapting !

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