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October 2020 : Field mission for 2 local NGOs in DRC





 Diagnostics and roadmaps for 2 local NGOs


At the request of two local NGOs from the Province of Maniema in DRC (FOMAMA of Kalima - CAPS of Kindu), Louis, AVe expert, carried out a field mission in October 2020 (between the two confinements). 

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RDC Congo

Carte RDC


September 2020 : AVe experts general meeting

  new social distancing business meeting  

 AVe experts general meeting in Rennes on septembre 8th 2020


 Respecting all the precautions imposed by the coronavirus, a meeting of AVe experts was held in Rennes on September 8, 2020. That said, we provide remote support to a few beneficiaries, we organize the next missions abroad that will materialize in 2021 or 2022.

The context is not simple, but AVe is adapting !

Expertise request


July 2020 : Support for a pork project in Cameroon


Image1 A sow and its cubs



 Support for the start-up of a pig farm


Two Cameroonians, currently living in France and wishing to return to their country, have renewed a request for support from AVe for a pig breeding project. In 2019, the request concerned the formalization of the project and its business plan, which was done (see news August 2019). In 2020, they renew their request for support for the start-up of pig breeding. Two AVe pork specialists, Gilbert and Bernard provide support for the buildings and the management of the breeding. 

     CamerounCate cameroun      

July 2020 : Partnership CCFD - Terre Solidaire/AVe

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Framework agreement for support to CCFD's local partners

CCFD and AVe are committed to working together to support CCFD's local partners. AVe puts at the disposal of the CCFD two volunteer experts, Denis and Pierre, for financial, organizational and accounting assistance to the local partners of the CCFD. Two projects are concerned : RESILAC (Project for Inclusive Economic and Social Recovery of Lake Chad) and TAPSA (Transition towards a Peasant Agroecology at the Service of Food Sovereignty). Their missions cover remote work (implemented in 2020 due to the coronavirus) and interventions in the countries concerned (from 2021).



March 2020 : AVe adapts to coronavirus

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Coronavirus : AVe adaps


For the ongoing agreements that may be extended if necessary, interventions abroad are suspended, but remote support is maintained. For new expertise requests, we remain available to jointly design future collaborations that will be implemented when the "coronavirus" episode is over.

Expertise request


February 2020: AVe general meeting


AG 4 02 20Rich meeting full of exchanges of expériences


AVe Experts General Meeting on February 4, 2020 in Paris


12 members were present.
Agenda : 2019 activity report and financial report, orientation report and budget for 2020.
A shared observation : the demand for expertise restarts after a trough perio

February 2020 : quality mission in Laos


haccp formation

Laotian people trained by Alain



ISO certification expertise mission for a coffee roasting unit in Laos



One of our experts, Alain, left for Laos for a month to set up ISO 9001 and GMP Food HACCP certifications in a coffee roasting company in Vientiane.



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January 2020 : audit of an agricultural high school in Benin


Lyce SavalouDebriefing session : Louis with the school staff



Audit of an agricultural high schoolin Savalou in Benin


 Upon request of the AMJE  Breton association (Association Michel Jestin pour l'Enfance), Louis, AVe expert, carried out, in January 2020, an audit mission in an agricultural high school in Benin, located in Savalou (250 km north of Cotonou).


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January 2020 : a vegetable garden evaluation in Djougou in Benin

     Potager Passari The vegetable garden in Passari in 2020 : a success story




Annual progress report of a vegetable garden managed by a cooperative in Benin


Upon request of a Belgian association « l’ASBL le Verso du Miroir », Louis, AVe expert AVe has carried out a mission to evaluate the evolution of a vegetable garden located in Passari, near Djougou. The association has set up this garden in 2015/2016 and has passed its management to a women's cooperative. Since 2017 it's the fourth time that Louis provides support on this garden (one intervention at the beginning of each year).

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January 2020 : project in Benin


Projet au BninAfter a cession of exchanges with the chief



 New development project for a village in Benin


The city hall of Djougou has given to the Belgian association "ASBL le Verso du Miroir" a 500,000 square yards land near a village with 2,000 inhabitants. In January, Louis, AVe expert, visited the village, the land and participated in many exchanges. Following this trip and to meet the needs of the villagers, he wrote an overall project focused on three components : water with the installation of at least one water supply system, health with the creation of a dispensary, and agriculture with the gradual agricultural production of the 500,000 square yards.



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