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Mars 2024 : AVe, a partner in the development of the pork industry in Ivory Coast


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signing of the agreement with the Côte d'Ivoire Minister of Livestock


Framework agreement between the Ivory Coast Ministry of Livestock and AVe


On March 1, 2024, taking advantage of the Ivory Coast Minister of Livestock's visit to the Salon de l'Agriculture in Paris, a framework agreement was signed with AVe specifying our involvement in the PRO PORC program (MIRAH's pork industry development program). The signing took place on the premises of IFIP (Institut Français de l'Interprofession Porcine), which has also signed an agreement with MIRAH. With IFIP, we work together to ensure that our interventions are complementary.


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Framework agreement between the Côte d'Ivoire Ministry of Livestock and AVe

February 2024 : project management assistance mission in Cameroon



This hospital is renowned for its care quality throughout the North Cameroon zone.

Renovation of a hospital in northern Cameroon

An agreement has been signed between the Christian Aurenche - Tokombéré Foundation and AVe to provide Eric, an AVe expert specializing in building construction, for the renovation of the Tokombéré hospital in northern Cameroon. The foundation is supporting the "health" component of a more global project, the Tokombéré Human Promotion Project (PPHT), in an area where living conditions are extremely difficult. The health component includes preventive and primary care in the villages and a 150-bed hospital. This hospital needs to be completely renovated.


Cate cameroun


February 2024 : site supervision mission in Senegal


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Eric with the head of the Senegalese construction company


Construction site supervision for a dispensary and maternity clinic in Djilas, Senegal


For the 3rd time, Eric, an AVe expert specializing in building management, visited Djilas to check on the progress of the dispensary and maternity hospital construction site. On-site findings : work is progressing more slowly than expected, but it's making headway. The company is doing a good job, and the schedule is such that completion is scheduled for next April, with inauguration scheduled for the end of the year.


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February 2024: support for an agricultural project (pork + irrigated market gardening) in Senegal


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Onion plots on the 4.5 ha property


QUALI'FARM Agreement


The project owner is a Senegalese who studied and worked in France, and who has now retired to launch an agricultural project in his native country. The project, on a 5-hectare plot of land, combines pig breeding with irrigated market gardening. His aim is to contribute to his country's food sovereignty, while at the same time creating a job-creating activity. AVe's pork and vegetable production experts will provide support to ensure the success of his project.


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February 2024 : 2nd edition of the guide for pig farmers in Africa


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A guide to sustainable African pig farming


An improved 2nd edition of the guide


The 1st edition of the guide, launched at SPACE 2023, was distributed in several African countries: Côte d'Ivoire, Cameroon, Burkina Faso, Gabon... The 2nd edition takes into account feedback from the 1st edition. As a result, it has been expanded (48 tip sheets), while remaining pedagogical: minimum text, lots of diagrams, tables and photos of African pig farms. By presenting good farming practices adapted to Africa, this guide presents itself as a guide to sustainable African pig farming.


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February 2024: renewal of framework agreement with AXIOM


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synergy between the two partners for the benefit of African pig farmers

Objective : to perpetuate the partnership between AVe and AXIOM, the French leader in swine genetics.

After a year's collaboration, during which we got to know each other and carried out a number of actions together, we agreed to sign a new three-year framework agreement. Concrete actions carried out over the past year include: the publication of the guide for pig breeders in Africa, its launch at a joint conference at SPACE 2023 in Rennes, the start of distribution of the guide in several African countries (Côte d'Ivoire, Cameroon, Burkina Faso, etc.).


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January 2024 : audit of a mechanical workshop in Tunisia


Atelier de maintenance Tunisie

A new, well-equipped mechanical workshop with qualified personnel
Suggest an appropriate layout for the workshop and ways to develop the business
Patrick, an AVe expert specializing in mechanical engineering, carried out an audit of a brand-new mechanical workshop set up by a Tunisian SME which had decided to enter this new business. For a week, Patrick worked alongside the workshop's Tunisian staff. At the end of his mission, he submitted a report proposing improvements to the layout of the workshop, as well as ways of developing the workshop's activity, particularly in terms of subcontracting.

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December 2023 : videoconference for an association of pig farmers in Burkina Faso




Theme of the visioconference : biosecurity on a pig farm in Africa


Bernard AVe expert led a videoconference for fifteen pig breeders from Burkina Faso. These farmers have ordered High Genetic Value gilts from AXIOM, the French leader in pig genetics. This is a high-risk operation in a country where ASF (African Swine Fever) is present everywhere. Hence the importance of taking the right measures at farm level. Bernard presented these measures in a slide show on the theme of biosecurity on a pig farm in Africa. Video appears to be an excellent way of transferring knowledge to developing countries.


Burkina Faso


November 2023 : marketing mission for an SME in Algeria


JB en Algrie

Jean-Baptiste AVe & PUM and
Ahmed CEO of the SME "Many Toys"

Proposing a marketing plan for a toy manufacturing SME in Algeria


As part of an agreement with PUM (Dutch association for the transfer of voluntary skills, like AVe), AVe expert Jean-Baptiste spent two weeks in Algeria.
The 1st step was the Gardaïa oasis, home to the toy manufacturing plant of the SME "Many Toys", which was requesting marketing support. Then, with the CEO of the SME, Jean-Baptiste visited several customers in different cities across the country: Algiers, Constantine, Oran... At the end of the mission, Jean-Baptiste presented the CEO with a marketing plan tailored to the company.

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October 2023 : audit of a cocoa cooperative in Ivory Coast


Pierre en CI

CADESA : an ambitious cooperative 
that has already climbed several levels


Getting to know the cocoa cooperative in Ivory Coast before prospecting for it in Europe


Following the agreement signed in March 2023 between CADESA and AVe, AVe expert Pierre spent a week in Ivory Coast to get to know the cooperative well, before prospecting for partners. The program was packed with visits to plantations, the cooperative's head office and warehouses in the Sassandra department, and participation in the SARA (Salon de l'Agriculture) in Abidjan.


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