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September 2021 : project management assistance mission in Djilas - Senegal

1st AVe mission "project management assistance" for the construction of a dispensary and a maternity hospital in Djilas, a village located 150 km south of Dakar

Following the request of a religious congregation, Eric, an AVe expert specialized in building design, carried out a project management assistance mission for the renovation and construction of a dispensary and a maternity ward in their health center in Djilas. The size and condition of the current buildings no longer correspond to the rapidly increasing demand or to the standards of hygiene and cleanliness. The congregation of the sisters has been established since 1974 in the village of Djilas located about two and a half hours from Dakar.  

ERIC   Djilas   Environ dispensaire
Eric Dufour, AVe expert specialized in building design    the entrance of the current health center of Djilas   a little shade near the entrance of the health center of Djilas 

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January 2019 : 2nd AVe mission for the Laiterie du Berger - Senegal

Technical mission to the Laiterie du Berger in Richard Toll

As part of the agreement between the Laiterie du Berger, the In Vivo Foundation and AVe, Jean Paul and Gilbert, AVe experts, carried out a technical mission to Richard Toll (Senegal) in January 2019. During the previous AVe mission in May 2018, Daniel and Louis, following their diagnosis, had indicated that the most effective lever to increase milk production was the cow's feed in the dairy collection area. These cows,  zebu breed, produced 1 to 2 liters of milk per day. By improving feed, this production can be doubled. As the collection area is located near an irrigated area (development of the Senegal river) with a major sugar cane plantation (17,000 ha), the idea is to use two sugar cane by-products to feed cows : mooring lines (the end of sugar cane straws) left on the plot and molasses, a by-product of the cane refinery.

  LdB 1   LdB 2   LdB 3   
 Gilbert and Jean Paul with farm staff of
the Laiterie du Berger
 Mamadou, manager of the Laiterie du Berger
with Jean Paul and Gilbert
 Mamadou, Jean Paul and Gilbert in front of the
(experimental) herd of the Laiterie du Berger

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May 2018: agriculture mission in Senegal at the “Laiterie du Berger”

  1st AVe Mission for the Laiterie du Berger - Richard Toll in Senegal

In early 2018, two AVe experts, Louis Jestin and Daniel Mathiot carried out a first mission for the “Shepherd's Dairy”, a Senegalese family business, created in 2006 in Richard Toll in Senegal by Bagore Bathilly, a young Senegalese veterinarian.


  1 Bagore 640  
  Milking is done by hand, twice a day, in the presence of the calf  
 Bagore Bathilly director of the Laiterie du Berger - Daniel and Louis
AVe Experts 

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