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Transfer our skills on a voluntary basis to developing and emerging countries
  Louis 2019  

Created in 2012, AVe has acquired, over the years, experience and maturity in the expertise transfer to applicants located in Africa, South East Asia and China. Our association is made up of retired senior experts from different professional sectors who accept to volunteer for international assignments. They share the same values : the desire to transmit their skills, professionalism, openness to the world and in particular to less favored countries than France (please see our charter). The young, dynamic and reactive association responds quickly to expertise applicants : SMEs located in developing and emerging countries, and also actors in international cooperation (NGOs, Foundation, Financial Companies, etc.) by offering them experts with the skills sought. We treat very carefully each request  and offer a case-by-case agreement. AVe financial conditions are very reasonable since the experts are all volunteers and the AVe structure is light. AVe is open to any kind of solicitation, without enterfering in the expertise provision market. AVe members are convinced that supporting the activities in developing and emerging countries contributes to promoting local employment and to reducing migratory flows for economic reasons. In addition, for certain projects, partnerships with French companies have been established.

Our motto : respond to your expertise request  in a precise and professional way








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