International volunteer assistance to sustainable development projects

AVe offers a reasonable budget


The budget to be planned by the expertise applican thas two parts :

  • A financial contribution to AVe
  • The cost of AVe experts intervention on site

The financial contribution to Ave :

It is requested to cover the operating and insurance costs of our association. The funding of our association is mainly provided by these contributions. Our association does not benefit from any public or private aid, which guarantees the financial independence of AVe.
The amount of the contribution is defined on a case-by-case basis while remaining at a very reasonable level, for three essential reasons :

  • AVe is a non-profit association
  • The structure is very light : it is managed by volunteers
  • The experts are volonteers

The cost of Ave experts intervention on site :

 This mainly covers the costs related to travel(s) abroad. To ensure good expertise on a project which is located abroad, it is essential to plan at least one trip on site. These short trips (1 to 3 weeks) generate different costs : visa - medical expenses - air travel - accommodation - meals - local trips ...

In each agreement proposed by AVe, the amount of the financial contribution to AVe is specified and a commitment is requested to the expertise applicant to cover the intervention costs.








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