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October 2021 : agricultural mission in Kekem - West Region - Cameroon

What agricultural project for a 170 ha coffee plantation not exploited for 20 years?

At the request of a Cameroonian family, heir to a 170 ha coffee plantation that has not been exploited for 20 years, Louis, AVe expert, accompanied by Fabrice, the family's representative, surveyed the plantation for several days to define a new agricultural project based on the existing one.

The field mission on the plantation was completed by meetings with local authorities: the mayor of Kekem, the prefect of Nkongsamba, the prefect of Bafang and with economic actors likely to be the future clients of the plantation: in Bafoussam, the director of SPC (Société des provenderies du Cameroun) and the director of ASL (Agro Sourcing Logistic) The mission ended in Yaoundé with a meeting with representatives of the Ministry of Public Works for work in progress on a bridge located on the property and the Ministry of Agriculture to learn about the steps to be taken to obtain financing for the new agricultural project.

This intense mission, thanks to the field diagnosis and to the numerous exchanges with Fabrice and the different interlocutors met, allowed us to choose the orientations of the new project for the plantation : Coffee will be replaced by cocoa and banana-plantain mainly and by some vegetables. A method of cultivation based on agroforestry and agroecology was proposed.

At the end of the mission, the expert writes a file presenting the diagnosis of the plantation, the new project and its business plan.


  Kekem   Kekem 2   Btiment Kekem  
Louis Jestin, AVe expert with
Fabrice Tchouaffé, the family representative

during the mission: many exchanges, here with the people working on the plantation

  the plantation has a surface of 170 ha and many buildings and drying areas (around 5 000 m²) used for drying and first transformation of coffee;
they will be used tomorrow for cocoa

August 2019: field mission to Cameroon for a pork project

Pork project of two Cameroonians, MM Chengoue and Tchoubet living in France as part of a return to their country.

Preliminary discussions between the two interested parties and the AVe association led to the signing of a partnership agreement to formalize the project with the business plan establishment  in July and a mission to Cameroon in August.

From August 15 to 25, 2019, Angelet Tchoubet, one of the project leaders and Louis Jestin (AVe) led together a “field mission” to Cameroon in order to discover the different links in the country pork sector and to specify the project based on the realities of this sector.

  Visite dlevage de porc    Visite levage de porc 1     Visite levage de porc 2    Visite élevage de porc 3  

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September 2018 : mission in Cameroon to the SCOOPS-PIC Cooperative

6th AVe mission to a cooperative of pork producers in Central Cameroon

SCOOPS-PIC is a cooperative of pork producers located in the Yaoundé region. Created in 2016, with the support of AVe and the In Vivo Foundation since 2017, the cooperative has finalized its project. This includes two components : on one hand developing and professionalizing member farms and, on the other hand, setting up a value chain at cooperative level by creating upstream and downstream services for farms.

  Photo Cameroun sept 2018 2   Photo Cameroun sept 2018   Logo SCOOPS PIC   

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November 2017 : AVe participation in the PRODEL inauguration - Cameroon

3rd AVe mission for a pig Cooperative in central Cameroon

Louis Jestin and Jean-François Montin, AVe experts experienced a very positive mission in Yaoundé from November 25 to December 1, 2017. The program had two main points : the validation of the SCOOPS-PIC project, a cooperative of around twenty pork producers and participation in the inauguration of PRODEL (Livestock Development Program) organized by MINEPIA (Ministry of Livestock, Fisheries and Animal Industries)

Yaoud nov 17 d 640  
Louis Jestin, AVe, Rene Foche, SCOOPS-PIC president,
Rachel Kolbe-Semhoun, IN VIVO Foundation and Jean-François Montin, AVe
Very cordial exchange between the Minister of Livestock and the two AVe experts,
in front of the SCOOPS-PIC stand

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2017 : AVe missions for a cooperative of pork producers - Cameroon

AVe support to a pork producers cooperative in the Center Cameroon region

SCOOPS-PIC (Société Coopérative Simplifiée des Productions Porcines Industrielles du Centre Cameroun) is one of the first pork producer cooperatives in the Central region of Cameroon to be set up.It was created in 2016 (recognition by the Cameroonian authorities obtained in October 2016). It iincludes around twenty members. The establishment of this cooperative corresponds to the emergence of a pork sector in the country. Once the formalities for the creation of the SCOOPS-PIC have been completed, the managers of the cooperative sought French partners to help them to develop their strategic project. Discussions with our association AVe and the In Vivo Foundation led to the signing of a tripartite partnership agreement in April 2017.



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2016 : support on a pig breeding project - Cameroun

  Support in Yaoundé suburb for a Cameroonian GIC - “Common Initiative Group” - and emergence of a pig industry

Since the beginning of 2014 AVe support the developpement of a pig farming, real challenge as not only the breeding scale has to be increased, (from 30 to 100 breeder/fattener sows) but also breeding management must be improved. All this is taking place in the very specific sub-Saharan Afica context.

AVEXPERTS - Cameroun - Yaoundé

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