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January 2020 : audit of an agricultural high school in Benin

Audit mission in Savalou in Benin for AMJE

Upon request of the AMJE (Association Michel Jestin pour l'Enfance), a Breton association, Louis Jestin (AVe) carried out, in January 2020, an audit mission in an agricultural high school in Benin, located in Savalou ( 250 km north of Cotonou).

  Le staff du lyce de Savalou        Module de 4 classes financ par AMJE  
The team managing the school : competence and dynamism
The 4 classrooms module which was funded by AMJE in 2017

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January 2020: mission in Djougou in Benin

Assessment of a vegetable garden managed by a vegetable cooperative in Benin

Upon request of a Belgian association "ASBL le Verso du Miroir", Louis Jestin (AVe) carried out a mission to assess the development of a vegetable garden located in Passari, near Djougou. The association set it up in 2015/2016 and entrusted the management to a women's cooperative. Louis Jestin has been working for the fourth time on this vegetable garden since 2017 (an intervention at the beginning of each year).

Nassirou 2   Chateau deau   CC489FC5
 Learning to use new tools,
here manual airplanter
   The water supply installation allows year-round production    Watering is done by sprinkling

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