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 February 2022 : support to two women's cooperatives in Djougou, Benin

Roadmaps for two vegetable gardens managed by two vegetable cooperatives 

In February 2022, Louis AVe expert went to two villages near Djougou in Benin, a mission programmed in the framework of an agreement signed with a Belgian association, the ASBL Le Verso du Miroir. This association has set up two vegetable gardens of 2 ha in two villages 5 km apart. On each of them, a women's cooperative practices irrigated agroecological market gardening.

For each garden, the expert wrote a roadmap based on the diagnosis of each site. Their situation is very different, as one (Passari) has been in place since 2016 while the other (Nimane) has just started.

Nassirou 2   Chateau deau   CC489FC5
Nassirou, the person in charge, presents the 2021 financial statement at the AGM of the Passari cooperative   healthy vegetables in Passari's garden   a borehole + photovoltaic panels + a water tower + a pipe network = the basis of a water installation to irrigate a vegetable garden

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January 2020 : audit of an agricultural high school in Benin

Audit mission in Savalou in Benin for AMJE

Upon request of the AMJE (Association Michel Jestin pour l'Enfance), a Breton association, Louis Jestin (AVe) carried out, in January 2020, an audit mission in an agricultural high school in Benin, located in Savalou ( 250 km north of Cotonou).

  Le staff du lyce de Savalou        Module de 4 classes financ par AMJE  
The team managing the school : competence and dynamism
The 4 classrooms module which was funded by AMJE in 2017

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January 2020: mission in Djougou in Benin

Assessment of a vegetable garden managed by a vegetable cooperative in Benin

Upon request of a Belgian association "ASBL le Verso du Miroir", Louis Jestin (AVe) carried out a mission to assess the development of a vegetable garden located in Passari, near Djougou. The association set it up in 2015/2016 and entrusted the management to a women's cooperative. Louis Jestin has been working for the fourth time on this vegetable garden since 2017 (an intervention at the beginning of each year).

Nassirou 2   Chateau deau   CC489FC5
 Learning to use new tools,
here manual airplanter
   The water supply installation allows year-round production    Watering is done by sprinkling

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