International volunteer assistance to sustainable development projects

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AVe is composed of a team of specialized experts :

with varied skills :
studies and projects business plan - management - coaching - administration - accounting - IT - commercialisation (including international) - marketing  - project management – production method

in different sectors of activity :
agriculture - agrifood - industry - construction - trade - training – health

for expertise applicants with very diverse profiles :
agricultural and agrifood SMEs - industrial SMEs : from artisan to SMEs with 500 employees - SMEs in the tertiary sector : from merchants to SMEs with 100 employees.
 international cooperation organizations : NGOs - foundations – financiers...
They are all-terrain volonteer experts, passionate about multicultural exchanges and all eager to pass on their experience and know-how. The transfer of skills is done by short-term interventions on-site and remote support by one or several experts depending on the desired skills.

If the desired skill does not exist within AVe, the association will find it by using its network








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