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  • Ice cream expert for Algeria
Applicant: an Algerian SME, set up in 2019, with 12 employees, located on the outskirts of Ghardaïa (southern Algeria), already manufactures ice cream (around 6,000 l/day) from imported milk powder. Project: increase ice cream production by 20% and diversify production: yoghurt, sale of bottled milk, etc.
Expertise required:
- employee training.
- treatment of effluent discharged by the production unit.
- control of our product distribution network.
- mastery of the production process for our products.
- innovation in product recipes.
  • Greenhouse manufacturing expert for Algeria
Applicant: an Algerian SME constructor of agricultural buildings in metal framework, created in 2015, it has 10 permanent employees + around fifteen temps, it is located in the suburbs of Algiers. Current activity: Manufacture of metal frame farm buildings.
Project: manufacture plastic multi-hood greenhouses with automatic climate control adapted to the Maghreb context (wide temperature ranges).
Expertise required: expert in the manufacture of plastic multichapels with automatic regulation - knowledge of the characteristics of the Maghreb climate.
  • Vegetable oil manufacturing expert for Benin
Applicant: 2 SMEs in Benin
The 1st, created in 2015, has 8 permanent employees + around 30 temporary staff, and is located in Glazoué (250 km north of Cotonou). It already manufactures cottonseed and soybean oil. Project: improve production process to meet market needs.
Expertise required in vegetable oil refining to satisfy their market.
The 2nd plant, set up in 1984, has 10 permanent employees + around twenty temps, and is located in Comé (70 km west of Cotonou). It manufactures crude palm oil. Project: convert crude vegetable oil into edible oil.
Expertise required: technical assistance in edible oil refining
  • Cosmetics expert for Morocco
       Applicants: 5 SMEs in Morocco. See details in the table below
Name Locality Priorities Future projects
Biolive Sidi Yahya Gharb (Rabat) Discover new cosmetic formulations

Production of a range of eco-friendly and effective cosmetics with a reasonable quality/price ratio. Production capacity increased to 3000 units/day - ISO 22716 certification obtained


Cooperative Arij Ait Baha (located 70km from Agadir) Perfect our working methods in the field of essential oils and cosmetics.

Produce flavored plant extracts, such as antioxidants and active ingredients, for the cosmetics and food industries.


Cooperative BioTechnologie Khouribga (125 km from Casablanca) Perfecting our cosmetics to meet customer demands - Integrating new organic products
Develop its own brand of cosmetics and body care products with the best quality/price ratiodevelop its own brand of cosmetics and body care products with the best quality/price ratio
Cooperative Aloebiben Fès Improvements to manufacturing processes and components to optimize products and make them more stable

Build its own lab (in progress) to manufacture its products, and at the same time improve product quality and efficiency.


 Adaguen  Tanger Develop and implement new products, which could lead to new product lines and increased sales. To become a market leader in natural cosmetics by offering innovative, high-quality products.

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