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2011 - 2016 : mission to support OCET company in China

  Support for 5 years of the Chinese SME OCET

AVexperts - Chine - OCET

  AVexperts - Chine - OCET
   During five years of cooperation, the AVe expert has trained, assisted and coached the Chinese SME « OCET », manufacturer of power converters for railways equipment, to reach the objective : to grow internationally.
   OCET international activity has gradually been built thanks to the trust obtained from the international manufacturers of rolling stock: trains, metros, trams, locomotives..
AVexperts - Chine - OCET   AVexperts - Chine - OCET

  OCET power converters are used in China and in many countries : India, Australia, Switzerland, France, Brazil, Nigeria, Arabia ....

  OCET has now acquired prestigious references such as Alstom, Siemens, Sigma and Bombardier, proof of  the quality of the equipments and services provided by this SME







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