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December 2019 : mission in China

Marketing / sales support and meeting in Shanghaï

From December 9 to 23, 2019, Jean-Baptiste Genin, AVe expert, carried out a mission in China divided into 2 parts :

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1 - The first part of the mission (from December 9 to 13) took place within Flexkys company. It was devoted to marketing and sales forces monitoring.
Flexkys, a SME / SMI based in Nanjing, is specialized in the manufacture of small electronic equipment for machine control panels (washing machines, refrigerators, etc.). Its products are exclusively sold online, in China but also in Southeast Asia, the sales force is made up of a dozen people. Flexkys' objective is to develop its sales in Europe and in the Middle East and for this reason asked AVe's help for its commercial approach.
During this stay, a review of all  recommendations / suggestions proposed by email exchanges between Jean-baptiste and Flexkys during the year 2019 was carried out to check if they had been understood and then implemented.
Jean-Baptiste then visited one of the three client's factories, located in Sinyang, a highly industrial city three hours drive south of Nanjing. A detailed tour of the plant allowed to detect  some “quality” issues in the industrial process.

This mission led to the implementation of an action plan accepted by Flexkys and highlighting the areas of progress for the SME.

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  Jane and Jean-Baptiste    Sales administration    Sales force  

2 - From December 16 to 18, Jean Baptiste went to Shanghaï to met Mrs. Jasmine Zhou, director of Chinabridge. This Chinese SME based in Shenzhen, formerly subcontractor of Saint-Gobain in the field of glass molds, is today a trading company for various products used in the industrial world. During this meeting Mrs Zhou presented her company's activity. Her goal is to grow in the European market and is interested in AVe’s expertise.

In summary, a very interesting and promising mission for new partnerships in China. However, the coronavirus epidemic occured after the January 2020 mission will undoubtedly delay our collaboration with Chinese SMEs.







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