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October 2023 : audit of a cocoa cooperative in Ivory Coast

Getting to know the cooperative in Ivory Cost before prospecting for it in Europe

 AVe expert Pierre spent ten days in Ivory Coast to get to know the cooperative for which he will be prospecting for partners. The mission program is presented below
CADESA : a dynamic cocoa, coffee, cashew and rubber cooperative in Ivory Coast.
Key figures for the cooperative : 
  • 2,500 farmer-members
  • over 10,000 hectares of plantations
  • 10,000 tonnes of cocoa production
  • 8,000 tonnes of cashew
  • 2,000 tonnes of coffee
  • 5,000 tonnes of rubber.
CADESA voted Ivory Coast's best exporting cooperative in 2021
Pierre en CI

 First part of the mission : September 2023

  • after 4 hours on the trail, discovery of the plantations in the Sassandra region, guided by some enthusiastic farmers who were particularly clear in their explanations of the harvesting, decabbing, fermentation and drying stages. 
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  • The following day, we met with the heads of the weighing, sorting, packaging and pre-export storage facilities for cocoa, cashew, coffee and rubber in San Pedro.
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  • Participation in the SARA agricultural trade fair in Abidjan : support for a CADESA team in its search for new cashew almond export customers, manufacturers of raw material processing equipment and, more generally, industrial and financial partners.
The government of Ivory Coast has decided that, by 2030, 80% of its agricultural production, at least cocoa and cashew, and if possible coffee and rubber, should be processed in the country, with the remaining 20% exported as at present.
Second part of the mission
The second part of the mission will consist in finding companies in France, or even in Europe, for CADESA, who may be interested in one or more of the following options : 
  • A cocoa or cashew industrialist wishing to set up as a tenant in San Pedro on one of CADESA's vast plots of land, and to purchase raw materials from CADESA,
  • Joint venture with a company in the sector to pool the resources needed for industrialization locally,
  • CADESA's financial partner for the creation of an industrial structure to process raw materials with a view to exporting them as finished products.
In conclusion, to enable me to accomplish this second part of my mission, armed with the 20 kg of cocoa beans I was given on the plane home, and with a solid sales pitch that I'm in the process of finalizing, all that remains is to organize the necessary prospecting.
Pierre, AVe expert







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