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Currently AVe is not looking for new experts

Depuis 2012, les experts AVe répondent bénévolement aux besoins d’expertise de demandeurs de différents profils situés en Afrique, Asie du Sud-Est et Chine.

International cooperation organizations : NGOs, Foundations, Financial Companies

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AVe experts can perform the services below :


-->  Various controls of local partners : management - accounting - organization - administrative functioning - financial evasion

-->  Development program audit

--> Projects audit in different fields : agriculture - health - training ...


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Medium-sized companies from different industrial sectors : electricity - electronics - mechanics ...

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AVe experts can perform the services below :


-->   Organization and business management - executive coaching

-->  International Trade and Marketing

-->  Link between marketing and production departments

-->  Quality approach

-->  Logistics - purchasing - supply chain


Small businesses (individuals or companies) - NGOs and local associations - health centers - training centers - agricultural cooperatives...


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AVe experts can perform the services below :


 -->  Organization and Management of SMEs - executive coaching

-->  Accounting - management - training

-->  Business IT

-->  Marketing (including internationally) : creation, training, sales force management 

-->  Logistics

   logo formation  
  Agricultural SMEs
      Agri-food sector SMEs  

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AVe experts can perform the services below :



--> Agricultural and agrifood projects : initial diagnosis - project formalization - business plan

--> Accounting, business management

--> Marketing (including internationally) : creation, training, sales force management

--> Quality procedures in agricultural product processing units : ISO procedures..

--> Agronomy - Irrigation – Tillage : technico-economic approach

--> Agricultural machinery : purchase of equipment - start-up - training in driving and maintenance of equipment

--> Milk and meat cattle breeding and bovine genetics : technico-economic approach

--> Pig breeding : technical advice specialized in breeding management, building and equipment

--> Poultry farming : broilers - turkeys - ducks - guinea fowl - laying hens : technico-economic approach

--> Plant production : market gardening - irrigated or non-irrigated crops : technicol-economic approach

--> Animal feed : factory diagnosis - formulation for different species - cost price 


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AVe dispose d’une équipe d’experts spécialisés

de compétences variées :

  • études et business plan de projets - management - coaching - gestion - comptabilité - informatique - commercialisation (y compris à l’international) - marketing - maîtrise d’ouvrage - techniques de production

dans différents secteurs d’activité :

  • agriculture - agroalimentaire - industrie - constructions - commerce - formation - santé

pour des demandeurs d’expertise de profils très divers :

  • PME agricoles et agroalimentaires - PME industrielles : de l’artisan à la PME de 500 salariés - PME du secteur tertiaire : du commerçant à la PME de 100 salariés.
  • Organismes de la coopération internationale : ONG - fondations - financeurs...

Ce sont des experts « tout-terrain », passionnés par les échanges multiculturels et tous désireux de transmettre leurs expériences et savoir-faire bénévolement. Le transfert de compétence se fait par des interventions de courte durée sur place et un appui à distance par un ou plusieurs experts selon les compétences souhaitées.

Si la compétence souhaitée n’existe pas au sein d’AVe, l’association va la rechercher en utilisant son réseau. 




AVe experts


They are retired volunteers who have acquired experience in the most varied fields  during their professional career and who are motivated to share their expertise in developing and emerging countries.

If you want to volunteer internationally your skills , become an AVe expert 

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AVe is composed of a team of specialized experts :

with varied skills :
studies and projects business plan - management - coaching - administration - accounting - IT - commercialisation (including international) - marketing  - project management – production method

in different sectors of activity :
agriculture - agrifood - industry - construction - trade - training – health

for expertise applicants with very diverse profiles :
agricultural and agrifood SMEs - industrial SMEs : from artisan to SMEs with 500 employees - SMEs in the tertiary sector : from merchants to SMEs with 100 employees.
 international cooperation organizations : NGOs - foundations – financiers...
They are all-terrain volonteer experts, passionate about multicultural exchanges and all eager to pass on their experience and know-how. The transfer of skills is done by short-term interventions on-site and remote support by one or several experts depending on the desired skills.

If the desired skill does not exist within AVe, the association will find it by using its network

AVe expert   COUPEL Alain
Field of activity  Livestock and agriculture
Professional career   1 - Pig nutrition engineer, industrial food (24 years)
 2 - Technical Director: formulation and research and development pig nutrition, management of an experimental breeding of 500 sows. Customers : breeders, farm food     manufacturing (16 years)
Missions carried out  Cameroon (1) - Laos (1)
Relations/Experiences abroad  Réunion, Mauritius, Madagascar, Poland, Romania, Estonia, China, Laos.
Email  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.







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